Ryan Pantanal

Thanks for checking out my site! For as long as I can remember, I’ve been mesmerized by the earth’s natural beauty and even more so by its fascinating wildlife. As a child, I loved reading about various animals in National Geographic…where they lived, what they ate, what made them unique. When I got my first camera, I wanted nothing more than to capture these creatures on film. I also developed a strong affinity for the ocean. Growing up in Southern California, I remember the joy of snorkeling through the kelp forests of Catalina Island during my elementary school years. Shortly thereafter, my aunt and uncle moved to Cabo San Lucas. My family visited often, and the Sea of Cortez proved much warmer than the Channel Islands with many new species to discover! After spending countless hours snorkeling, I couldn’t wait to get Scuba certified. Combined with my interest in photography, it wasn’t long before I wanted to take pictures on land as well as underwater.

Over the years, my travels have spanned multiple continents and cameras. From my first disposable camera to my Canon 7D dSLR, my love of nature photography has only grown over the years. To me, there is nothing better than capturing the beauty, power and emotion of the natural world. Finally, proceeds from purchased prints and downloads (purchased prints and downloads do not display watermark) will be given to top nature conservation organizations. I feel fortunate to have witnessed some of Mother Nature’s most beautiful places, and I want to ensure future generations can experience them as well. If you have recommendations for great conservation organizations, thoughts on my photos or general questions, please reach out to me at ryan.kissick@gmail.com. Enjoy!